Friday, July 3, 2009

Utah Trip

Rachel and Chloe at "Jump On It"

Rachel, Natasha, Chloe at Jump On It"

Taylor starting BYU

Ashley's graduation pictures from UVU

Pictures in Grandma's basement--BEFORE

AFTER - picture in basement with Gina relaxing

Chloe, Rachel, Natasha, Hayden, Jackson
Openhouse at Oquirrh MountainTemple
Dad helping fix Father's Day dinner in
Pleasant Grove

Rachel and I recently spent 2 weeks in Utah. We dropped Taylor off at BYU to start the summer term. We first spent a few days at Ashley's house. We loved spending time with Addison. She is such a cute happy baby. Ashley left for Phoenix for a few days and so we moved over to the Pleasant Grove house. While there Gina and I cleaned out Grandma's basement. We moved back to Ashley's house for a few more days of fun. Finally we drove to Hurricane and stayed there a few more days. It was such a fun trip.

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David and Mary said...

I felt bad I missed you while you were here. It seems we get so busy that our paths don't cross as much!! Looks like you had a fun time in Utah.