Friday, August 28, 2009

Full House

Parker and Taylor had a break from BYU for 2 weeks. Ashley and Addison decided to join the "break" party. We had a full house. We enjoyed each day being together. We went to the cabin for Taylor's 19th birthday. We also had a picnic at Big Lake, went shopping in Show Low, planned class schedules for next semester, 4-wheeling at Davis Ranch (pounding in posts), cooked gourmet meals each night, spoke in church for a last-minute cancellation, worked at the office, tore a wall down at a new rental house and the highlight of the break was being together as a family as Taylor received the Melchizedek Priesthood.


gina said...

sounds fun and yes like a full house. I am glad to see everyone is doing well.

Mary said...

That is so fun to have the family home and do things together. It is my favorite thing! Your family looks great. Addison is a doll.