Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flowers and a smart squirrel

All the education combined in this household is not enough to catch our resident squirrel. In the spring we planted a lot of flowers hoping for another abundant crop. We noticed that the flowers were not growing, so using our detective skills we realized that a squirrel was eating them. We purchased a trap and set it using peanut butter and crackers. The next morning the crackers and peanut butter were gone, but the trap was still set. A few days later we caught the squirrel, but before we could empty the trap, the squirrel moved around so much that the trap fell off the bricks and sprang open, and away ran the squirrel. One morning we were so excited because the trap was full. We thought we had finally outsmarted the squirrel, but upon checking, it was a bird! Anyway I noticed this morning that our flowers are finally growing a little. Take that SQUIRREL!


Adam and Ashley Poston said...

Have you caught any more birds? HAHA That is such a funny story.

David and Mary said...

Cindy, I love your squirrel story. We have a mom and dad squirrel and at least three young ones. They live in a burrow under a window well to our basement. We have named the parents "Bryan" and "Annalies." Mary accidently chopped off part of one of those squirrel's foot, but it didn't seem to cause long-lasting damage. The critter was under her car when she left for work. Hey, I want to go to Albuquerque, but I don't think Mary is too excited about it right now. Besides, you owe me lunch at Garcia's. David