Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Tree and a Roadrunner

Ok, this is quite a goofy combination. (I got the word "Goofy" from the Mtn commentator on Saturday's BYU/Wyoming football game. Did you notice how many times he said "goofy.") Anyway Saturday as I was doing the dishes, I noticed a roadrunner outside walking across our basketball court. At first I thought it was Morgan because he is so fast on the BB court..... Funny. Seriously, we all looked and sure enough it was a roadrunner. We have never seen one in our yard before.
As for the Christmas Tree. Saturday afternoon we attended a "Capitol Christmas Tree Celebration." Arizona has the honor of providing the 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree for the US Capitol. The tree is an 85' blue spruce harvested from the Apache Sitgreaves Forest south of Eagar. This is the first time a tree has been selected from an Arizona forest. Rachel's school choir sang in the program. The tree is packaged up and goes on tour across the US until it arrives in DC November 30. It was fun to see.


David and Mary said...

That is cool about the Christmas tree. I always watch the whitehouse christmas on HGTV. They show the tree and how the decorate the White House. I wonder what theme Michelle O will pick? Laura Bush always had good themes.

Beverly J. said...

Perhaps that is our St. Johns roadrunner?

Christmas is almost here.


Net's News said...

A kindergarten class in our school made some large cactus ornaments to hang on that tree!!!! It's exciting to know the tree came from a great area!!!

Lynette M.

Z and L Family said...

We thought about you guys when we say the tree on the Today show...hope you are well
Zach and Liz