Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Cruise

Cruising in Mexico.......

Christmas Eve on the Norwegian star

Adam and Ashley in the 15 passenger van driving around Puerto Vallarta

View of our Ship from Lover's Beach

Doug snorkling at Lover's Beach in Cabo

Tanner and Morgan sitting on Santa's lap (or close by)

White Elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve (beach towel wrapping)

Rachel and Addison visiting Santa

Zip line in Puerta Vallarta

Eating a "Shrimp Snack" at a restaurant on the beach in Matzalan

Parker and Doug with Addison on a swinging bridge in the jungle at Puerto Vallarta

Playing football in Matzalan

Rachel excited about her folded towel elephant

Addison with 2 girls from the Salvation Army children's home

Taylor in the "Van" with Addison

Sand sculpture nativity scene along the Boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta

Cathedral of Our Lady of Gaudalupe

Rachel handing out candy at the flea market

Our favorite dessert...


David and Mary said...

Love you pictures.... I can't wait to hop on the Princess! Thanks for all the tips you gave us. Your Christmas family picture is wonderful. I love how you all match! What a fun experience for you family.

Tiffany said...

It is going to take me all week to write about the cruise! I keep thinking of all the stories...!

I am glad we did it!

You need to aleast write about the lovely "s*x machine"! For posterity!