Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are almost at the end of the 2010 soccer season.  Rachel had an exciting season. We were the coaches for her team. We played the "Yellow Team" early on in the season and lost 10-1.  We played them again for our last game and beat them 2-1.  They were currently undefeated and they cried after the game and were shocked by the loss.  It was great fun!
Morgan's team has had 3 overtime games this season, losing each one in a PK shootout. Nevertheless it has been a good season, and we have all enjoyed watching Morgan play.   Morgan is #12.


David and Mary said...

I love your soccer shirts! Great Job Rachel and Morgan. They both look like good soccer players!

Adam and Ashley Poston said...

Where is Dad's soccer uniform shirt? I wish I could have seen one of your games!