Monday, January 31, 2011

BYU Basketball

We had a fun trip to Albuquerque to watch BYU play UNM in the Pit. We arrived a little early and as we were walking around looking at the newly completed renovations of the Pit, the team bus pulled up.  We watched them as they walked by us and commented about each player.  Morgan and David had seats on the 3rd row so we all went down and watched the team warm up.  The rest of us had seats in the "Club," which were up high but comfortable leather seats.  Doug and David got tickets from attorney friends that were not using them.  By the way as we were walking into the Pit we saw some BYU fans, but when the game started they were mixed throughout the crowd, so we felt like the only fans there.  The game was great fun.  We got a 13 point lead and right then Doug mentioned, "I hate to be ahead in the Pit."  Sure enough UNM started a run and the crowd went wild.  It is the craziest atmosphere. It is entertaining to watch the student section with all their funny antics and cheers.  I think it is so loud that the floor vibrates.  We were treated nice this time though.  (Last trip to the Pit they gave out free towels and the fans knotted them up and threw them at us)  The man we sat next to bought us popcorn.  We analyzed the game all the way home and finally decided we are excited for the rest of the season!

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David and Mary said...

Cindy, that sounds so fun... I am so glad you got to go. Too bad they lost the game. David and I watched on TV until I couldn't stand to watch the demise! Let me know when you are coming up so we can get together. Thanks for the b-day card. You are so sweet! Love ya!