Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Break

We decided to go on an Arizona trip for our fall break this year. We started at Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona and went on a hike and enjoyed the beautiful colored leaves.  
 Morgan is rock climbing, or posing for a magazine photoshoot, not sure which.
 Rachel rock climbing  near Sedona

Montezuma's Castle National Monument.  This well-preserved cliff dwelling, built by Sinagua Indians in A.D. 1100, sits 100 feet above the valley.  It is rather impressive.
This place is called Montezuma Well.   
Walnut Canyon National Monument.   This monument features dwellings sheltered by overhanging cliffs.
 We are in an AD 1150 year old house!
 Rachel posing in a pueblo
 The trail starts at the visitor center and drops 245 steps into the canyon. Morgan ran up the stairs.  (I think twice)  It was quite the climb, but well worth the trip.

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David and Mary said...

What a beautiful area... Looks like you had a fun time!